Perhaps She Was Turned into a Werewolf?

Celebrating Idul Adha’s nite at Kosan.

While thinking about things happened this week.

Wednesday, September 7th 2016

Four days ago. I was rejected by a girl, my candidate.. she’s my candidate to be my girl-f*cking-friend.

At that time, since three days I’m not chatting with her and then I wanna start again intimate session. I wanna start this chit-chat with her again because I miss her, really.

“Called her name, actually I wanna ask you a question..

.. Could I?” This is amazingly cliche chit-chat.

Drrt. My vibrator is vibrating. Eits, no! I mean.. my Advan Phone is vibrating dramatically.

Really, latenite?

She replying my chat at twelve past three A. M. My happy feeling spreading to all the corner of the room, I got message from my candidate girl-friend. And I’m going to open it.

Okey, I open it.

Wait a minute.

But, her reply message was make me open-mouthed:

According to communication ethics, if you wanna ask me something, you should introduce yourself first, right?


It’s okey, there’s a stranger who was texting but including his identity and the purpose for start chatting.

If its your comunnication way since yesterday, it’s annoying. TOO MUCH. I’m too lazy to replying you.

If you will judge me arrogant, whatever, people’s perception is different. But, for my self, this is a principle. Okay..

So please, change your self even in small action, like to communicate with other people.

Thank you. 🙂

OMG. Oh My Godness.

Allright. Sorry, my bad. -Spiderman, Civil War 2016

My feeling, I’m was chat with her, She’s like really fine to me. Perhaps she was turned into a Werewolf? Wkwkwk

I won’t think why she can turn to be a Werewolf? Wkwkwk

AUUUUUUU!! This is actually make sense, she’s reply at latenight. She is TRUE WEREWOLF.

So please, change your self even in small action, like to communicate with other people. It’s really hurt my feeling. Touching my heart. My deepest empathic. Cause, last time was happened problems that caused by my difficult to communicate with other people.

Remembering I barely start a chat with a girl, when I was starting chat with a girl, eh, I got a lesson. I think it’s really fun to me. Hahaha.

By the way, thanks you was remembering me and make me conscious, make me wake up. Even though, I’m not yours. Thanks ya.. 🙂

Most important thing is, don’t be so aggresive, man. Please control your psychosexual insting, dude.. wkwkwk


Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar.. Laa illaha ilallahu Allahu akbar.. Allahu akbar walillah ilham..

And, right now, I want to sleep………… charging my energy to move on and get rejected again by other girls.. ah, it is my life, enjoy..


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